For what purposes does the United States use the most water?

Grade level:  3rd – 5th grades

Skills: Bar graphs

Related environmental issues: Water

The bar graph below shows how much and for what purposes our water resources are used in this country a day.


  1. For what purposes does our country use the most water?
  2. True of false: Our country uses the second most water for irrigation.
  3. For what purposes does our country use about as much as one-fifth of water for electricity generation?
  4. For which purposes does our country use less water, for industry or for schools, businesses & houses?
  5. About how much of water in billion gallons is used for irrigation and electricity generation purposes in a day in this country?

Sources: U.S. Geological Survey


Answer keys

  1. For electricity generation
  2. True
  3. School, businesses & houses
  4. Industry
  5. 130 + 200 = 330 (billion gallons a day)