Was it warm in the first half of November 2015 in Chicago?

Grade level:  4th – 5th grades

Skills:  Line graph

Related environmental issues: Climate 

Area level: Community

The line graph below compares max temperatures during the first half of November in 2015 (between November 1 and 15, 2015) in Chicago and the average max temperatures in Chicago.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 11.52.58 AM

  1. How many days did Chicago have max temperatures lower than the average during the first half of November?
  2. About how many degrees was the max temperature in Chicago on November 2 higher than the average max temperature?  a) 25 b) 15 c) 5
  3. From this graph, what can you tell about the temperatures in Chicago during the first half of November in 2015?

Source: Weather underground


Answer keys

  1. 1 day
  2. b
  3. Most of the days during the first half of November in Chicago were warmer than the average.  There were  5-6 days when the max temperatures were about 15 degrees warmer than the average.

How much gasoline can a hybrid car save?

Grade level:  5th grades

Skills:  Multiply fractions & Measurements (volume)

Related environmental issues: Energy

Area level: National, State, Regional, Household

Aden heard that hybrids cars consume less gasoline than regular cars because hybrid cars use electricity along with gasoline. Now he wants to know how much gasoline hybrid cars can save. He learned that a regular Ford Fusion that runs only on gasoline uses 3 gallons 3 quarts 1 cup of gasoline and a hybrid version of a Ford Fusion uses 1 gallon 8 cups of gasoline when driving 100 miles, which is about 2 hours away.


2016 Ford Fusion

1.For driving 100 miles, how many gallons and cups of gasoline does a regular Ford Fusion use than a hybrid Ford Fusion?

2.For driving 200 miles, how many less gasoline does a hybrid Ford Fusion use than a regular Ford Fusion? Use fractions.

3.The gasoline price is $2 per gallon today. How many dollars and cents does a hybrid Ford Fusion can save on gasoline than a regular Ford Fusion for driving 200 miles?

Source: U.S. Department of Energy, Fuel Economy


Answer keys

  1. 2 gallons 5 cups (3 gallons 3 quarts 1 cup – 1 gallon 8 cups = 3 gallons 13 cups – 1 gallon 8 cups = 2 gallons 5 cups)
  2. 4 5/8 gallons (2 gallons 5 cups x 2 = 4 gallons 10 cups = 4  10/16 gallons = 4  5/8 gallons)
  3. 9 1/4 dollars (2 x 37/8 = 9 1/4 dollars (9 dollars and 25 cents)