How many countries agreed to stop using coal?

Grade level: 4th – 5th grades

Skills: Fraction & Percentage

Related environmental issues: Energy & Climate Change

The annual climate conference* took place in Bonn, Germany, during November 6 and 17 to talk about how to stop ongoing climate change. Using coal for electricity generation is considered one of the main causes of climate change.


Photo) Coal-fired plants burn coal to generate electricity

During the conference, 15 countries**  joined an anti-coal team and announced that they would stop using coal.   Those countries try to increase the number of team countries to 50 countries by the next 2018 conference.

  1. Which fraction shows the ratio of the current team countries and the targeted team countries.

A. 3/5

B. 1/2

C. 3/10

D. 5/15

2. Turn the fraction into percentage.

Sources: Independent (November 16, 2017), COP23: At least 15 countries join anti-coal alliance in defiant message to Trump

Photo: Ecology Global Network

* COP 23

**Current anti-coal team members include Canada, the UK, Denmark, Finland, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, New Zealand, Ethiopia, and Mexico


Answer keys

1. C  (15/50 = 3/10)

2. 30%


How much aluminum cans was recycled?

Grade level:  4th – 6th grades

Skills: Converting percents to fractions and decimals

Related environmental issues: Recycle

The bar graph below shows how many percent of plastic bottles, aluminum cans, glass bottles, and steel cans were recycled in the United States in 2014.


  1. Write down how many percent of each items were recycled. Then convert percents to decimals and fractions. Write fractions in simplest form.


  2. Look at the table you created in #1 and use <, > to show which number is larger.


Sources: “Advancing Sustainable Materials Management: 2014 Fact Sheet” published by the U.S. EPA in November 2016


Answer keys

  1. screen-shot-2017-02-15-at-1-52-28-pm