How much recycled newspaper will save a tree?

Grade level: 4th – 5th grades

Skills: Fraction (multiplication/division)

Related environmental issues: Reduce/Reuse/Recycle


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Recycling paper prevents many trees from being cut down for paper. It is estimated that we can save one tree by recycling a stack of newspaper 3 feet high.

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  1. Sean recycled a stack of newspaper 23 feet high.  How many trees did Sean save by recycling the newspaper? Answers must be fractions in mixed numbers.
  2. To save 13 1/6  trees, a stack of how many feet of newspaper Does Sean need to recycle?  Convertfractions into mixed numbers.
  3. Maya wants to save 18 2/3trees. She gathered newspaper to recycle and made a stack of newspaper 55 feet high.  Did she gather enough newspaper? Explain.


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Source: Recycle Across America, Recycling facts

Answer keys

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Do we recycle more plastic or less?

Grade level: 5th – 6th grades

Skills: Percentage

Related environmental issues: Recycling

Our county has been at a loss how to treat our plastic waste.  The United States used to ship 70% of our plastic waste to China to reduce plastic waste in our county. However, after China stopped accepting internaitonal plastic waste to protect their environment last year, less plastic is recycled because we generate more plastic waste than we can handle.

Plastic Waste Photo: National Geographic

Plastic Waste   Photo: National Geographic

  1. On average, 150 plastic bottles are consumed by a single person in the United States. Of which, 29% of the plastic bottles were recycled in 2017. How many plastic bottles were recycled per person in 2017 on average? Round to the nearest whole number.
  2. On average, how many plastic bottles were NOT recycled and ended up in landfills per person in 2017?
  3. Ben started using his water bottle and reduce his plastic bottle use to 100 bottles per year. If he recycles 29% of the plastic bottles as the average American does, how many plastic bottles will he send to landfills a year?
  4. Is the number of plastic bottles Ben sends to landfills larger or smaller than the U.S. average?



Answer keys

  1. 44 bottles (150 x 0.29 = 43.5)
  2. 106 bottles (150 – 44 = 106)
  3. 71 bottles (100 – 29 = 71)
  4. Smaller