How much water is used for agriculture?

water-bubbles-vector_633194Grade level: 3rd – 5th

Skills: Rounding

Related environmental issues: Water

Area level: National

Our country withdraws a lot of water for our homes, business, schools, industry, agriculture, as well as for electricity generation. The table below shows how much water is consumed for those purposes by a single person in the United States in a year.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 1.28.40 PM

1.Round the number of gallons used for homes to the nearest hundreds.

2.Round the number of gallons used for agriculture to the nearest ten thousands.

3.Which number becomes 200,000 when rounded to the nearest hundred thousands?

4.Which place would you have rounded 50,590 to if your answer was 50,590?

Source: US Geological Survey


Answer keys

  1. 4,400
  2. 150,000
  3. electricity generation
  4. the tens place

Does everybody in the world have access to drinking water?


Grade level: 4-5th grades

Skills: Place Value & Expanded Notation

Related environmental issues: Water Quality

Area level: Global

Does your house have water faucets that provide you enough water for drinking and taking a shower? The answer is probably yes. But not all people have access to clean and safe water. Many people around the world have no choice but drinking dirty, harmful water. Each year, about 502,000 people die from diarrhea because of drinking unsafe water.


  1. What is the value of the underlined digit in 502,000?
  2. What place is the 5 in 502,000?
  3. What is the expanded form of 502,000?

    a.50,000 + 2,000
    b.500,000 + 20,000
    c.50,000 + 200
    d.500,000 + 2,000


Data source: WHO, 2015


Answer keys

  1. 2,000
  2. hundred thousands
  3. d