Which endangered animal is heavier, Tiger or Leopard?

Grade level: 4th – 5th grades

Skills: Bar graphs

Related environmental issues: Biodiversity

As many as 26,000 species are threatened with extinction in the world because people have changed their habitats, and they lost their homes. The bar graph below shows the weight of some of the most endangered  animals in the world.

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 12.21.09 PM

1.Among the endangered animals, which animal weighs the most?

2.Which is heavier, Amur Leopard or Sumatran Orangutan?

3.Which endangered animal weighs twice as much as Hawksbill Sea Turtle?




Answer keys


1.Mountain Gorilla

2.Sumatran Orangutan

3.South China Tiger



Which state sent more CO2, California or New York?

Grade level: 3rd – 5th grades

Skills: Bar graphs

Related environmental issues: Air / climate change

The bar graph below shows the 10 states that sent the most CO2 into the air in our nation in 2015.

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 9.13.06 AM

1. Which state sent more CO2 into the air, California or New York?

2. Which state sent less CO2 into the air, Texas or Pennsylvania?

3. How much more CO2 did California send into the air than Florida?

4. Which state sent 56 million tons more CO2 than Michigan?

5. Which sent send as much CO2 as Louisiana, Ohio, and Indiana combined?

Sources:U.S. Energy Information Administration, 2018



Answer keys

  1. Califronia
  2. Pennsylvania
  3. 364 – 231 = 130
  4. 163 + 56 = 219  Illinois
  5. 218 + 215 + 188 = 621:  Texas