Yamuna River–water pollution in India

Grade level: 3rd – 4th grades

Skills: Addition and Subtraction and division

Related environmental issues: Water

When not carefully used and managed, rivers become easily contaminated and can be even toxic to life. One of the example is the Yamuna River in India. Along the River, there is not enough number of sewage treatment centers. And most of the industrial waste from factories and the household waste end up being fallen into the river untreated.  As a result, the Yamuna River became heavily polluted and the water there is no longer safe for either drinking or irrigation.

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The Yamuna River

  1. River Yamuna is the largest tributary of the River Ganga and is 851 mile long. The Ohio River, major tirbutary of the Mississippi River in the United States, is 981 miles.  Which river is how many miles longer?
  2. By getting a help from the Japanese government, the government of India has tried to clean up the river under a plan called “Yamuna Action Plan” that started in 1993.  How many years has passed since then?

Source: Yale University 1, Yale University 2

Photo: NPR


Answer keys

1.  The Ohio River is 130 miles longer than the Yamuna River (981-851=130)

2. 23 years (2016 – 1993 = 23)