How many hours do Asian Elephants eat a day?

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 11.33.35 AMGrade level: 5th

Skills:  Multiply fractions

Related environmental issues:  Biodiversity

Area level: Global

Asian elephants are endangered species because they have been killed illegally for their tusks. Also, habitat loss is also another cause that makes the population of Asian elephants decline. Vast areas of forests where Asian elephants live have been cleared for agriculture and urbanization.

  1. Asian elephants spend two thirds of a day eating grasses. How many hours do Asian elephants eat grasses a day?
  2. Asian elephans eat a lot of food everyday.  The weight of the food they eat everyday is 1  1/2 as heavy as the weight they were born.  The weight of a baby elephant is 200 pounds.  How many pounds of food do Asian elephants eat everyday?
  3. Adult Asian elephants are 2 2/3 times taller than a baby elephant.  A baby elephant is 3 feet tall.  How tall are adult Asian elephants?

Source:  National Geographic and WWF

Answer keys

  1. 16 hours (24 x 2/3 = 16)
  2. 300 pounds (200 x 3/2 = 300)
  3. 8 feet (3 x 8/3 = 8)