California to ban sales of new gasoline vehicle – how much money can you save if your car uses less gasoline?

Grade level: 4th – 6th grades

Skills: Multiplication/Division

Environmental Subject: Energy/Climate Change

California decided to ban sales of new gasoline vehicles in 2035 on September 24, 2020.

Ford F150 runs 20 miles and Toyota Prius runs 50 miles on one gallon of gasoline.You drive 200 miles a week. Which car costs more on gasoline and how much more money do you need to spend for gasoline a week if the gas price is $2 a gallon?

  1. Prius, $6 more

2) Prius, $12 more

3) F150, $6 more

4) F150, $12 more

Answer : D

Ford F150 uses [200÷20=10 gallons] of gasoline a week. It costs [$2 x10gallons= $20] a week.

Prius uses [200÷50=4 gallons] of gasoline a week.

It costs [$2 x 4gallons= $8]

Difference is [$20-$8=$12]

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