Which state increased its wind power the most–California, Iowa, or Oklahoma?

Grade level: 3rd – 5th grades

Skills: Line graph 

Related environmental issues: Energy 

The line graph below shows how California, Iowa, and Oklahoma states increased their wind power over the past 5 years.

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 9.49.11 AM

  1. Among the three, which state increased its wind power the most over the past 5 years?
  2. Which state had the most wind power in 2013 and the least in 2017?
  3. Between what years did the wind power in Iowa overtake that in California? A) between 2013 and 2014  B) between 2014 and 2015  C) between 2015 and 2016  D) between 2016 and 2017


Sources: U.S. Department of Energy, 2018. U.S. Installed and Potential Wind Power Capacity and Generation


Answer keys

1. Oklahoma

2. California

3. B