A person in which state uses more energy on average, Alaska or Texas?

Grade level:  3rd – 5th grades

Skills: Interpreting bar graphs (3-digit numbers)

Related environmental issues: Energy

The bar graph below shows the average amount of energy used by a person in the top 10 energy using states in 2014.


1. In which state did a person use the highest amount of energy on average?

2.  A person in Indiana uses the ____ largest energy on average in the United States. Fill an ordinal number in the blank.

3. A person in which two states use the same amount of energy on average?

4. What is the range and mode of the data?

Sources: U.S. Energy Information Administration


Answer keys

  1. Louisiana
  2. ninth
  3. Nebraska and South Dakota
  4. Range: 920 – 433 = 487     Mode: 460