Critically endangered Amur leopard

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 9.12.47 AMGrade level: 4 – 5th

Skills:  Measurement (Length)

Related environmental issues:  Biodiversity & Deforestation

Area level: Global

Amur leopard are critically endangered because their habitat in forests  in the Russian Far East were destroyed for agriculture use and development of gas and oil pipelines. They also have been killed by illegal hunting. There are as few as 60 Amur leopards today.  Similar to other leopards, Amur leopards have powerful shoulders that help them in the leaping and jumping ability. Amur leopards can leap more than 18 feet horizontally and up to 10 feet vertically.

  1. Which device is best used to measure how much a Amur leopard leaped ?  a) ruler  b) scale  c) tape measure
  2. How many yards are equal to to the distance that an Armor leopard leaps horizontally?
  3. How many inches are equal to the distance that an Armor leopard leaps up vertically?

Source:  WWF

Note: The number 18 feet was changed from 19 feet to make this problem appropriate for the grade level.

Photo: WWF

Answer keys

  1. c)
  2. 6 yards (18 / 3 =6)
  3. 120 inches (12 x 10 = 120)