Source of carbon dioxide

Grade level: 3rd – 5th

Skills: circle graph

Related environmental issues: Climate change

Area level: National

Excessive carbon dioxide emissions became one of the main causes of climate change. The circle graph shows how much carbon dioxide is produced from each sector in the United States.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 11.09.57 AM

  1. Which sector produces the largest amount of carbon dioxide?
  2. Which sector produces about three times as much carbon dioxide as the residential and commercial sector?
  3. What percent of carbon dioxide is produced either in the electricity sector or the transportation sector?
  4. Which two sectors produce quarter of carbon dioxide in the United States?

Source: US Environmental Protection Agency


Answer keys

  1. Electricity sector
  2. Transportation sector
  3. 68%
  4. Industry sector and residential & commercial sector