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RESULTS: 2019 School Supply Recycling Challenge


  1.  To advance recycling and reduce waste generation in Southwest Indiana through encouraging children to recycle their used school supplies
  2. To support children in need in Warrick County
  3. To support teachers in Warrick County
  4. To create opportunities for children to become agents of positive change in our community




There are as many as 3,219 students in Warrick County who qualify for free/reduced price meals in the 2018-19 school year. With partnership with God Is Good Foundation, we will be able to support children in need in our community with school supplies.

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Teachers are always in need of school supplies. After cleaning school supplies we collected, we donate to local teachers.




Thanks to you, we were able to divert over 300 pounds of waste from landfills, donate hundreds of new/unused school supplies to help children in need in Warrick County, help local teachers with more than a thousand of gently used school supplies, and create opportunities for children to become agents of positive change in our community.

Click here for more details about the 2019 School Supply Recycling Challenge

Check our three-minute video to find our what we were able to accomplish in the 2019 School Supply Recycling Challenge!



We are looking for strong local leaders who are willing to support our educational, charitable, sustainable efforts in Warrick County. We will organize the event & after we collect school supplies, we sort, clean, sanitize, organize, transport, and ship the supplies. We also recycle used crayons and make new crayons.

To make the event successful, we need to raise $5,000. We would be grateful if you could contribute $100, $200, or $300 for our efforts. We have thousands children and teachers attending this event. Your gift will be a valuable investment to Warrick County and will help support a program to educate our children about the importance of helping others and protecting the environment.

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*We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit-charitable organization, and taxpayers can deduct from their own taxable income donations to 501(c)(3) corporations.

*Please use the form below to contact us if you need a receipt other than the one sent from PayPal via email.

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Blueeggs Environmental Education Ltd. (pronounced as blue-eggs)  is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit-charitable organization headquartered in Newburgh, Indiana.  The mission of the Blueggs Environmental Education is to improve environmental awareness, academic performance, and critical thinking skills of children in our community.  To accomplish our mission, we publish an online environmental education-workbook, “Think Environment in Math, Southwest Indiana(, and promote environmental education in local elementary schools in Southwest Indiana.


We have a Facebook page. Please check the bottom of this page and like us to get the latest information from us ! Items available for donation will be posted on our Facebook page!





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