About us


Blueeggs Environmental Education Ltd. (pronounced as blue-eggs)  is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit-charitable organization formed in March 2016.  It is our mission is to improve environmental awareness, academic performance, and critical thinking skills of children.

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Blueeggs Environmental Education publishes workbooks to enhance both academic achievement and environmental knowledge of children. We also publish free math problems weekly.  While traditional educational materials provide information on their subject matters only, our materials integrated environmental subjects into one of the most important core academic subjects – mathematics. Using actual data and real-life examples, our materials also provide children opportunities to stimulate independent thinking, promote their academic success, and gain confidence in their abilities to learn.

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Blueggs also recycle school supplies and donate the collected items to help children in need in community and help reducing waste.

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We also recycle used crayons to support teachers and protect the environment.

Founder & President

Hideka Yamaguchi, Ph.D.

icon_email info@blueggsee.com

Dr. Hideka Yamaguchi specializes in energy and environmental policy. She earned her Ph.D. degree from the University of Delaware. She has research experiences with several research organizations including the Sustainable Energy and Economy Network, Washington, D.C.

Her professional career includes writing articles for newspaper and academic journals, teaching at elementary school, giving lectures at universities, and leading sustainability projects for a municipal government.

She has won several awards, prizes, and grants such as Mark A. Haskell Award, Peter A. Larson Prize, and CHEP Dissertation Writing Grants.

She has conducted several independent research projects on energy sustainability, global environment, and sustainable development, and her publications include a book entitled Post-Fukushima Renewable Energy Policy in Japan (Lambert, 2015) and an academic paper entitled “Renewable energy in eastern Asia: Renewable energy policy review and comparative SWOT analysis for promoting renewable energy in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan” (Energy Policy, 2014. Volume 74). She lectures at the Ashikaga University, Japan, during summer (2010 – present) and also has been a guest speaker at the annual wind energy seminar(風力エネルギー利用総合セミナー)since 2010.

Born in France, educated in both the U.S. and Japan, and lived in many areas, including Paris, Yokohama, New York, Virginia, Delaware, and Indiana, Hideka has experienced different cultures and environments.