2022 Results

2022 Warrick County School Supply Recycling Challenge was a HUGE SUCCESS again!

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Thanks to John H. Castle, Chandler Elementary, and Newburgh Elementary, we were able to collect 875 pounds (500, 340 & 35 from John H. Castle, Newburgh & Chandler elementary) of school supplies this year!!

We donated all of the unused school supplies to  God Is Good Foundation, INC this year as well. God Is Good Foundation has been supporting children in need in this community.


We also donated gently used school supplies to local teachers through our facebook page.

We are glad that we could reach more teachers and schools this year — 40 teachers from John H. Castle, Chandler, Newburgh, Sharon, Loge, Yankeetown, Oakdale elementary schools; Castle and Boonville middle schools; Castle and Tecumseh high schools; and NUMPS preschool !!


We would really appreciate it if you could donate $5 to our program today if you love/like our program!! Our work relies on the support of generous donors like you. Your donations means helping make a positive change in our community!!! AND YOUR DONATIONS MEAN A LOT TO US!!

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The Warrick County School Supply Recycling Program is organized by Blueggs Environmental Education, a 501(C)(3) nonprofit-charitable organization, which was formed in 2016.

Again, thank you all who supported our program! And thank you Old National Bank Newburgh for kindly sponsoring our program!

Best wishes for the new school year!!