A series of the Think Environment in Math focus specifically on the development of young children to make up for disadvantages of using traditional educational materials that generalize local environmental problems. The books center on local environmental problems and local environmental protection efforts, as well as state and country-level of problems to help students understand the local environment in a wider context.

Math skills targeted in the books are listed below. The books suited for teaching elementary school students. Each problem includes several problems that require different math skills so that students of any grade level can learn the same issue.

The books address environmental challenges not only at the community level but also at the state, national, and global levels.

Southwest Indiana–Air

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This book consists of 15 math problems that are related to air quality and climate change issues in Southwest Indiana.

The book includes

4 community-scale problems

4 state-scale problems

5 national-scale problems

2 global-scale problems

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