How many species of mammals are endangered?

Grade level: 4 – 5th

Skills: Addition and Subtraction

Related environmental issues: Biodiversity

Area level: Global

Earth is home to many kinds of species such as blue whales, red pandas, clown fish, sunflowers, honeybees, and small organisms like bacteria that you cannot see just using your eyes. However, because of environmental problems, our planet has been losing numbers of species.

When it comes to mammals, there are 5,490 different species in the world. Of 5,490 species, 728 are grouped as endangered species, and there are 492 species that are vulnerable to extinction. Our planet already lost 78 spices of mammals in the wild.

  1. How many mammals on our planet are either extinct, endangered or vulnerable?
  2. How many mammals on our planet are not either extinct, endangered or vulnerable?

Source: International Union for Conservation of Nature

Photo: WWF


Answer keys

  1. 1,298 mammals (728+492+78=1,298)
  2. 4,192 mammals (5,490-1,298=4,192)