How much trash do you produce?

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 11.55.07 AMGrade level: 4 – 5th grades

Skills: Multiplication (decimal)

Related environmental issues: Reduce, reuse & recycle

Area level: household

A single American produced 4.4 pounds of waste in 2013.

  1. How much waste in pounds does a single American produce in a week?

  2. There are 4 people in Sarah’s family and her family asks curbside trash pickup services once a week. How much does the trash weigh when a garbage truck comes to pick up the trash at Sarah’s house?
  3. Which is heavier, trash produced by 3 people in 6 days or trash produced by 5 people in 3 days?

Source: US EPA


Answer keys

  1. 30.8 pounds (4.4×7=30.8)
  2. 123.2 pounds (30.8×4=123.2)
  3. trash produced by 3 people in 6 days